Saturday, November 2, 2013

Get Equlizer effect in default music player of Xfactor Quad

How to get equalizer effect in default music player of XFactor Quad

By default Xfactor quad stock music player doesn't have an equalizer effect. So, by changing small value in build.prop.You can get the equalizer in the music player.

Now to get it, What should you do?
You should follow the following procedures and do it carefully.

1. Rooted phone (To root Xfactor quad go here )
2. Build Prop Editor app

Step1 : Open Build Prop Editor
Step 2:
Click menu and Go to edit
Step 3: Find and add line just before it.

Step 4: Save and reboot it.
Rebbot it

Now congratulations !! U have an equalizer effect in music player.



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